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We offer you support at every desired level. From putting you back on the right track via a short phone call to fully generating a new companywide Office solution with a run time of more than a few months.

No one likes to invent the wheel over and over again, so we share a number of standard solution and offer customized training. Everything with just one goal: achieving a win-win situation.


A fresh view can gain new and enlightening insights. In a review we're together with you looking at processes and summarize possibilities to work faster, more efficient and cheaper in a clear and readable document.


Hiring an expert may be helpful, but gaining some basic knowlegde makes you the perfect sparringpartner.
If you want to go a step further and start programming yourself, you're at the right place as well.


You started yourself but get stuck somewhere in the middle.

Please contact us and we get you back on track.



Continuity is seriously important. A solution has to keep working and needs a update every now and then (new Officeversion, changing regulation).
You want to solve user issues asap. We help you out within 24 hours.


The best result is achieved with customisation. A solution that fully fits to your processes results into optimalisation. No useless possibilities or timeconsuming workarounds, but a userfriendly and effective Office solution.


Also Mac users can contact us.

We gained advanced knowlegde of and experience in the wonderfull world of programming in Office for Mac. Slightly different in the background, but as a user you won't see any difference.

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